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Virtual Doula Support 


In my fantasy world everyone has the most amazing, supportive and informed birth support. Birthing people feel empowered, educated and embodied as they enter the birth space. They have orgasmic births and want to give birth again and again because it was so mind blowing. 

Our reality is that many feel disempowered, disconnected and disenfranchised by the support that is, or largely isn't available to them. Not everyone can afford to have a Doula or have access to quality care. 

To help you prepare yourself and your support system for the experiences of pregnancy, birth and the postpartum time, I offer virtual doula care. This is an amazing option in these uncertain times we are experiencing and distance care allows us to practice social distancing, helping to keep us all safe. This offering serves as a prayer for those facing a birth experience that is uncertain and less than ideal

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